I am a high school biology teacher in Bangkok, Thailand. I'm interested in inclusive science education, specifically with EALs, and I'm also a keen advocate of EdTech integration. I have worked previously in research and in public health. Backdoor bragging: I'm never great at making my mind up, which is why I hold both an MSc and an MAEd!

My maths skills are not too fantastic, but fortunately I'm married to a mathematician, @lisawhite1000. In my free time I enjoy travel, scuba diving, photography (particularly nature photography), and running. 

My photos are licensed under the Creative Commons license for non-commercial use, so for example they can be used for educational purposes, or in your blog, as long as they are attributed. 

I started blogging in December 2014, and usually post here. I have also contributed to BAM Radio NetworkInnovate My School, Pedagoo, and co-written a post at CreateInnovateExplore. My posts usually relate to education in some way, but sometimes I'll include a photoblog (usually when I've been on holiday!)   

Finally, a shameless plug: Keshokenya.org - an educational charity I helped to co-found to help send kids in Kilifi, Kenya go to school, who would otherwise be unable to afford it.